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The High Tatras

The High Tatras – the highest mountain range of Slovakia


The High Tatras being the highest mountain range of Slovakia lie in the northern part of the country. The Gerlachovsky stit is the highest peak in Slovakia with an altitude of 2654 metres amsl. Considering the range, the High Tatras are the smallest mountains in Europe, that’s where the name ‘The Miniature Alps’ comes from. Despite its size the High Tatras are considered one of the most interesting recreational zones of middle Europe. The Tatras are 78 kilometers long and 17 kilometers wide. The mountain massive is divided into the Western Tatras and the Eastern Tatras. The Eastern Tatras can be further divided into the High Tatras and the Belianske Tatras.


Several animals are believed to be symbols for local mountains, including chamois, marmots and eagles. The High Tatras are the most visited Slovak mountains and are considered to be an important zone for winter sports, mainly for its ski resorts – Strbske Pleso and Tatranska Lomnica. 

Thanks to fresh air, many villages like Strbske Pleso, Vysne Hagy, Tatranska Polianka or Smokovce are famous for its climatic spas that are used for treating breathing problems.


Historically, the oldest document related to the region of Tatras is the bill of King Ondrej 2nd from 1209. The name ‘Tatras’ was first mentioned in the donation bill of Count Boleslav in 1255.

The first village to be established in the region was Stary Smokovec. In 1863, the first shelter for tourists – Rainerova chata was built just above the Studenovodske waterfalls. The first hiking paths were built in 1873. In 1949 the Tatras became the very first national park reservation (TANAP) in Slovakia. In 1993 the Tatra national park reservation and the Polish side of Tatras were announced a biospheric reservation by the organisation of UNESCO.